Greg Moon – Teaching Professional

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Greg has been a Teaching Professional for 30+ seasons. He started his teaching career with John Jacobs Golf School in Scottsdale AZ, taught throughout the lower 48 and in his hometown of Anchorage, Alaska.  Greg was a Teaching Professional at some of the premier resort/private golf facilities in Arizona, and his NY/NJ resume includes Chelsea Piers, Doral Arrowwood and Anchor Golf Academy, and has been part of the team at Turtle Cove for the past 6 years. Greg has taught all levels of player, from the +handicap collegian, as well as the first timers and weekend warrior.  
Greg began his “golf obsession” at the age of 6 in Southern California. He was medalist at his PGA, player ability test (PAT) and competed in numerous professional events in Alaska and Arizona.  Greg has been guided by many of the top teaching professionals. He has worked alongside Donald Crawley, Jim Flick, Hank Haney, Mitchell Spearman and 2006 National PGA Teacher of the Year, Bill Forrest, as well as some of the “lesser-knowns” that have developed and shaped Greg’s teaching philosophy. Greg brings a vast wealth of knowledge and professionalism that he always looks forward to sharing with his students.
From teaching the first timer to the accomplished player, Greg believes that the golf swing should not be so complicated and delivers his instruction using a unique, easy-to-understand approach.
“I am always on a quest to better my golf education for the benefit of my students. Keeping it simple and building one’s confidence is key”
Office: 718 885 1129
Cell: 602 790 7101