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Flightscope 3D Doppler Ball and Club TrackerFlightscope 3D Doppler Radar Ball and Club Tracking

The latest addition to the lesson program is our Flightscope. The Flightscope is the latest and most accurate launch monitor giving the teacher and student an added level of learning. The Flightscope can also help the student guage club distances as well as compare different drivers. The data can also provide invaluable information for clubfitting including the following swing attirbutes:

  • Clubhead Speed
  • Ball Speed
  • Carry And Total Distance
  • Launch angle
  • Clubhead Angle of Attack
  • Clubhead Path
  • Face Angle





Digital Video Analysis

We utilize state-of-the-art high speed digital cameras (up to 1000 frames per second) to isolate the specific areas of your swing that need improvement. Teaching with the right type of video system results in a more effective learning experience for both the student and instructor. Research has shown that an athlete’s skills progress more rapidly when they are given visual feedback as well as physical instructions.

Once the motion is captured, a voice-over analysis is created which can be accessed on line from our database. Slow motion, frame by frame and/or stop action features can all be used to analyze the fundamental techniques being performed throughout the entire range of athletic movement.

  • Digital Video Golf Swing AnalysisAt address
  • During the back-swing
  • On the downswing
  • At impact
  • Follow through and other places during the swing

Our instructors can then pick up on the subtle changes in fundamental techniques that are not visible to the naked eye in the 1.75 seconds it takes to make a real-time golf swing. We can even track your progress. We will happily download your swing to the internet with swing analysis. Customized instruction plans for maximum improvement are also available. During the instruction process we will periodically re-analyze your swing so you can see the progress you have made.