Range Member Cards

Buy a Range Member Card and Start Saving!

Turtle Cove offers a new Member Card designed to reward our frequent hitters.  You pay the appropriate fee and receive a higher value of range balls than you paid for.  Member Cards act like a Driving Range "debit" card.  Come in, go directly to the ball dispenser, swipe your card, select the size bucket you want and you are done.  The value of the bucket size you chose will be automatically deducted from your total credit on your Member Card.  When your credit runs out you can reload at the ball dispenser using your credit card.  At this time we are not accepting cash reloads.  Only credit cards at the ball dispenser.  Member Cards are only valid for range ball purchases.  Member Cards will only work when they have at least enough value to purchase a small bucket ($12).  If not, you must re-charge your card.  You can do this at the ball dispenser using a credit card.

It just takes minutes to get started.  Go to our kiosk and our cashier will issue your new Member Card.  All you need to do is to decide which level of value you want, sign up, submit payment and you're ready to go.  All other Member Card transactions will be done at ball dispenser. Replacement cards for lost cards are $5.


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